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Job Summary:

The general manager sets and achieves the highest standards in the overall operation of the restaurant. In particular, a majority of a general manager’s time is spent supervising and directing the operations and workforce, making staffing decisions, ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality, managing the restaurant’s financial performance, and marketing the restaurant.


Performance Standards:

  • Follows all company policies as outlined in the employee handbook and operations manual.

  • Maintains a positive attendance record by reporting to work for assigned shifts on time; follows company time off and illness procedures, and has a 0 percent no call/no show record.   

  • Ensures all sanitation and safety standards are followed by his or her crew as set forth by the company; maintains a score of 90 percent or better on all sanitation and safety audits.

  • Meets all uniform, appearance, and grooming standards as specified in the employee handbook.

  • Maintains our guest service philosophy by following guest service standards; maintains a customer complaint ratio of less than 1 per 100 customers served during his or her shift.

  • Knows all menu items offered at the restaurant. If asked, accurately answers menu items in regard to preparation methods, ingredients, portion sizes, and side items accompanying the dishes. If asked, specifies substitutions for items on the menu.

  • Follows ordering procedure standards as outlined in the operations manual.

  • Ensures that proper food and beverage controls are in place to maintain an appropriate level of cost of goods; is within of .5 percent of the targeted food costs of goods.

  • Ensures that proper labor controls are in place to maintain an appropriate staffing level and labor cost percentage; is within of .5 percent of the targeted labor cost.

  • Stays within line-item budgetary goals assigned to this position, following the restaurant annual budget.

  • Implements proper people practices in regard to interviewing, selection, orienting, training, scheduling, and employee relations as found in the operations manual.

  • Follows accounting principles and forecasting procedures as outlined in the operations manual.

  • Schedules managers following the guidelines outlined in the operations manual.

  • Budgets, initiates, and implements restaurant marketing plans yearly.  

  • Handles guest issues in a friendly and timely manner 100 percent of the time following the steps outlined in the SMART RESTAURANT Operations Manual.

  • Implements employee development plans.

  • Leads by example.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be able to read and communicate in English clearly and effectively.

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly throughout shift.

  • Must demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to guest satisfaction.

  • Must be efficient and accurate with money and figures.

  • Must possess manual ability to manipulate register system and handle/serve food.

  • Must have a valid health card or equivalent.


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