Delayed Credit Card Transactions

Recently, Ben Yehuda Café and Pizzeria has become aware that in-store September credit card transactions were not reaching our bank in a timely way.  There was a backlog in Ben Yehuda’s secure credit card system.   Once the problem was detected, Ben Yehuda’s credit card processing company began working directly with each customer’s credit card company to clear every transaction safely.  No information was lost or compromised.

As a result, you will find charge(s) on your October credit card bill for Ben Yehuda transactions that occurred between September 1 and September 25.  Please understand that these are not duplicate charges.  This correction amounts to a delay in the processing of your credit card purchases from September.  You can review your September statement to assure yourself that there were no Ben Yehuda credit card charges from September 1 through September 25.

Our on-line ordering platform was not affected by this backlog.  Ben Yehuda on-line credit card customers will find their September transactions on their September credit card statements, as usual.

The problem has been corrected.    Since September 26, all credit card sales have been processed normally.

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Katz at . We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Josh Katz