We Deliver!

Since acquiring Ben Yehuda in 2012 the most common request I've had was to offer delivery. However, to do it properly required a special type of insurance and an umbrella policy that was not offered by our insurance company.  I'm excited to say that we've finally worked these issues and we're now experimenting with delivery through GrubHub. 

I say experimenting, because the commission that GrubHub usually takes would have us operating at a loss for GrubHub sales.  However, GrubHub has generously provided us with a link for our current customers that would reduce the sales to a much more manageable rate.  When ordering, please order through the GrubHub tab on our webpage or GrubHub buttons scattered on our page so that we can continue to partner with GrubHub for this service.

We're looking forward to making your day a little easier by bringing the pizza directly to you!

P.S. To start we will not be accepting GrubHub deliveries on Saturday nights.  Once we feel like everything is operating smoothly we plan on adding Saturday night hours.