Feeling Hungry?  Take the David vs Goliath Challenge!

The Goliath Pizza is a huge 28 inch pizza.  Think you and a friend can eat the whole thing?  If so, you can win two 25 gift cards and a spot on our wall of fame, forever enshrining you as a pizza eating champion.


  • Maximum of two people may eat the pizza

  • Pizza must be eaten at Ben Yehuda

  • Pizza must be completely (crust, sauce, and cheese) eaten in 60 minutes or less

  • You may not leave the table during the contest

  • You may drink as much as you like

  • Payment for pizza will be collected prior to the contest starting. If you win you will get a full refund.

  • Winners will receive two $25 gift cards, one per contestant

Other Notes:

  • It takes a while to make the pizza, so challenges must be announced the day before for afternoon start or by 1:00 PM for an evening start.

  • We will cut the pizza anyway you like.

Fine Print: Price for the Goliath pizza is $50 (plus tax).  Toppings are $6.50 plus tax.  Not available on Saturday Nights.  Ben Yehuda assumes no responsibility for your gluttonous behaviour.  If you choose to bust your gut, or any other body part that's on you, not us.  We reserve the right to record and photograph the event.  We also reserve the right to put your name, picture, and any other relevant information about the contest on our website, social media pages and on our wall of fame.  Rules are subject to change any time we think necessary..


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David vs. Goliath Contest Standings

Goliath 25 - David 7

Round 31 September 12, 2019 Sam Herath & Arian Baghi

Winner - Goliath

Round 31 August 30th, 2019 Tom Cardaro

Winner - Goliath

Tom’s attempt to defeate Goliath single handled failed. It was a valiant attempt, though he ultimately came up a little short.

Round 30 June 25, 2019 Yitzchak & Avraham Marizan

Winner - Goliath

Round 29 November 25th 2018 Eli Meyers & Mordy meyers

Winner - Goliath

 Round 28 July 8th, 2018 Will Leonard & Dave Disabato

Winner - Goliath

Round 27 April 27th, 2018 Akiva Klatzkow & Shmuel Mazaloff

Winner - Goliath

Round 26 March 25th, 2018 Brian & Ernie Cornwell

Winner - Goliath


Round 25 January 21st,  2018 Darron Breeden

Winner - David

Wow.  Darron Completed the challenge by himself in 15:26.




Check out Darron's YouTube channel.

Round 24 December 10th, 2017 Aaron Sunnutti & darren Fernandez

Winner - Goliath


Round 23 October 25th, 2017 Leah Xu & Joe Callow

Winner - David

In a decisive victory (31 minutes) Leah & Joe became the first team to slay Goliath with a female participant.


Round 22 June 23rd, 2017 Anthony Smith-Davis & Emmanuel Sankoh

Winner - Goliath

Round 21 March 23, 2017 Vincent Desir & Briyana Anderson

Winner - Goliath


Round 20 January 15, 2017 Alex Hall & Chad heal

Winner - Goliath

This one was close, but Alex and Chad fell a little short



Round 19 January 9, 2017 James Ingram & Andrew Ingram

Winner - Goliath


Round 18 January 9, 2017 David Schwartz & Steve Ward

Winner - Goliath


Round 17 January 2nd, 2017 Harold Feld & David Effross

Winner - David (& Harold)

2017 started off with a bang as Harold and David were able to complete the challenge in 56 minutes.


ROUND 16 OCTOBER 30TH, 2016 Alison Lane & Joe Maciuba


Our first female contestant was unable to devour the beast.

Round 15 October 30th, 2016 Jeffrey Gray & Adam B

Winner - Goliath

Round 14 September 22nd, 2016 Gideon Bannett & ken Wilcox

Winner - Goliath

In town on business Gideon and Ken thought that they could conquer the world.  Goliath brought them back to reality.


Round 13 September 16th Ryan Freedman & Benjamin Binyaminov

Winner - Goliath


Despite trying some new pizza rolling techniques Ryan and Benjamin were unable to conquer Goliath

Round 12 August 12th Alex Li & Ivan Yue

Winner - David

Alex and Ivan blew away the previous record by devouring the Goliath in a mere 14 minutes 30 second.



Round 11 August 7th Akiva Miller & Mendi Kabillio

Winner - Goliath

In the first battle between Goliath and two of our own pizza chef's Goliath easily defeated Akiva and Mendi


Round 10: May 13, 2016 John Rouleau & Mario Polanco

Winner - Goliath


Round 9: April 6, 2016 Jordan Corbett-Frank & Yash Patel

Winner - Goliath


Round8: January 7th, 2016 Eli & Shmule Sternbach

Winner - Goliath

After a quick start the Sternbach clan was unable to complete the challenge.


Round 7: June 28, 2015 Abel & Robel Beyene

Winner - Goliath

Brothers Abel & Robel were unable to slay the massive Goliath



Round 6: June 17, 2015 Jason Starr & Josh Ryland

Winner - David

Jason and Josh got off to a fast start and kept it up.  Finishing the Goliath in 41 minutes.


Round 5 - Noam feldman & yitz katz

winner - goliath

Despite introducing a new technique - stacking slices of pizza - Noam and Yitz were not able to complete the challenge.

Round 4 - Craig wasserman & Aaron Yitzhaky

winner - david

This was a close one, Craig and Aaron finished the pizza right at the buzzer.

Round 3 - David Charlton & Max Greenberg

Winner - David

Congratulations David & Max for being the first to beet Goliath

"It's only fitting that the first to slay Goliath be named David" - David Charlton

March 18 Joseph & Make Getz

Winner - Goliath

March 14, 2015 George Weiss & Gedaliah Walls VS. GOLIATH

Winner - Goliath